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7 Online Side Hustle Ideas in 2023 (How to Start and Succeed)

If you’re considering starting a business online, particularly an e-commerce business, there are numerous business ideas to explore. Building and running a successful side job may be challenging; however, with the right approach and dedication, it can be profitable. In this article, we’ll provide you with 7 business ideas for a side hustle and walk you through the step-by-step process of starting an online business with minimum cost to start.

If you’re ready to start selling online, Shopify is a popular platform that can provide you with the necessary tools and resources. Here are seven online business ideas to consider:

  1. Set up an apparel business
  2. Start a dropshipping business
  3. Make your art online
  4. Take advantage of thrift stores for profit
  5. Build a blog
  6. Develop a niche product
  7. Create a website for a niche market

We recommend starting these business ideas with Shopify as your e-commerce platform. You can take steps toward starting your own online business. Remember to conduct thorough research, plan carefully, and invest time and effort into your business to increase your chances of success.

1. Set up an apparel business

If you have a creative streak and some spare time, starting your own clothing company can be a rewarding venture. If you already have a Shopify store, you can easily set up your own clothing line using apps like Printify, Printful, or similar product-sourcing tools. These apps automatically connect your store to apparel printers and manufacturers, handling the entire retail fulfillment process for you. This means you can design and sell a wide range of custom-made clothing right from the start.

Why consider starting a clothing line?

  • Creating products that people use every day can be incredibly satisfying.
  • With a Shopify store, you can start selling your clothing line instantly, thanks to streamlined print-on-demand apps.
  • Seeing your designs come to life and turn into profitable products can be fulfilling.

With some time, effort, and research, you too can build a successful t-shirt company using Shopify and print-on-demand apps.

2. Dropshipping – business doesn’t involve a warehouse.

With dropshipping, you can launch your own business on a budget. By sourcing a pre-existing product from a supplier, you can avoid the challenges and risks of inventory management. In a dropshipping business, you don’t need to stock products or handle packaging and fulfillment. Instead, a third party takes care of these tasks when a purchase is made. It allows you to focus on growing your business.

Here are some reasons to consider starting a dropshipping business:

  • No need to tie up your cash flow in inventory, reducing upfront cash risk.
  • Eliminates the headaches of tracking inventory and shipping packages.
  • Run your business from anywhere, whether it’s your living room or a local café.

Remember, whether you starting a business online or offline, it requires hard work and a well-thought-out business idea. Many people have successfully taken the leap into entrepreneurship, and with the right business ideas and effort, you can too.

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3. Make your art online

Selling your art online is a fantastic business idea. You can turn your creativity into a source of revenue. Whether you’re a painter, photographer, or musician, you can showcase and sell your work on a beautifully designed e-commerce website.

You can use platforms like Printify or Printful to sell your art as prints, canvases, or framed posters. This allows people to bring your art into their homes and make it a part of their lives. If music is your passion, you can sell your beats, songs, samples, and more as digital downloads.

Here are some reasons why selling your art online can be a great business opportunity:

  • Your art becomes a part of people’s lives as it adorns their homes, creating a meaningful connection between your art and your customers.
  • Setting up an online shop for showcasing your work to a wide audience. You have the opportunity to reach customers beyond your local area.
  • Turning your passion into an income stream allows you to pursue your artistic endeavors full-time.

As an artist, selling your art online is not just a hobby, but also a way to turn your creative talents into a viable business. With an online presence and marketing strategy, you can build a successful online business and sell your art. Platforms like Shopify provide easy-to-use tools and templates to help you create a professional-looking online store for selling your art.

4. Take advantage of thrift stores for profit

Selling thrift store finds online can be a lucrative business opportunity. Especially if you enjoy hunting down great deals and have a keen eye for unique vintage items. By positioning yourself as a trustworthy curator, you can offer a curated selection of vintage pieces to customers. Many people will appreciate the convenience of not having to dig through thrift store racks themselves.

Here are some reasons why selling thrift store finds online can be a great business idea:

  • Make money while doing what you love: If you enjoy combing through thrift stores for hidden gems, why not turn your shopping addiction into a profitable venture? Selling thrift store finds online allows you to monetize your passion for treasure hunting and turn it into a source of income.
  • Huge profit margins: Thrift store items are often sold at low prices, which means you can potentially sell them for a significant markup online. That $2 RadioShack ball cap you found could be sold for $40 as a vintage hat, offering substantial profit margins. This can make it a profitable business with a relatively low initial investment.
  • Unique and one-of-a-kind products: The vintage collections you put together are unique and cannot be found elsewhere on the web. This exclusivity can attract customers who are looking for something different and are willing to pay a premium for unique items. By offering one-of-a-kind products, you can differentiate yourself from competitors and create a niche market for your business.

Selling thrift store finds online can be a fun and profitable business idea for those who enjoy thrifting and have an eye for unique vintage items. With effective marketing strategies, a well-curated selection of products, and a professional online presence, you can build a successful online business by offering customers a convenient way to access unique and interesting items that they may not find elsewhere. Platforms like Etsy or eBay provide a ready-made marketplace for selling vintage items, or you can create your own online store using platforms like Shopify to showcase your curated thrift store finds.

5. Build a blog

Starting a blog can be a rewarding online business idea that allows you to share your expertise, connect with an audience, and potentially monetize your content. Here are some reasons why starting a blog can be a great business idea:

  • Unlimited growth potential: A blog can serve as a platform for various online business ventures, such as affiliate marketing, e-commerce, and online courses. As your blog grows and attracts an audience, you can diversify your revenue streams and expand your business, offering more products or services to your audience.
  • Long-term sustainability: Unlike other online business models that may offer overnight results but can fizzle out quickly, a blog can be a long-term play. Once your content is published online, it can potentially drive traffic and revenue indefinitely, creating a sustainable business model. With consistent effort, you can build a solid foundation for your blog that can continue to generate revenue for years to come.
  • Practice writing skills: Running a blog allows you to practice and improve your writing skills, which are essential in business and communication. Regularly creating high-quality content for your blog can help you develop your writing skills and become a better communicator, which can be valuable in various aspects of your online business and beyond.
  • Build trust and community: By focusing on building an engaged, loyal audience, you can cultivate a community that trusts you and values your content. Building trust can lead to repeat visitors, brand loyalty, and potential revenue streams, such as sponsored posts or paid subscriptions. A loyal community can also provide feedback and insights that can help you improve your business and offerings.
  • Flexibility and control: Starting a blog gives you the flexibility to work from home or anywhere with an internet connection. You have control over your content, schedule, and business model, allowing you to customize your online business according to your preferences and goals. You can set your own hours, create your own content strategy, and make decisions that align with your vision and values.

Starting a blog can be a fulfilling online business idea that offers unlimited growth potential, long-term sustainability, opportunities to improve your writing skills, and the flexibility to work on your own terms. With dedication, consistency, and an audience-centric approach, a blog can become a successful online business that generates revenue and creates a community of loyal readers. Shopify provides a blog feature for you to start with $1/month. Write your blog from here.

6. Develop a niche product

Developing a niche product can be a smart and strategic online business idea for several reasons:

  • Unique and buzzworthy: Niche products offer something different and cater to a specific audience. This distinctiveness can generate buzz and attract attention, even with a limited marketing budget. Being unique and submitting something different can create excitement and interest in your product, leading to potential press coverage and early success.
  • Targeted marketing and messaging: Niche products allow you to focus your marketing efforts on a specific group of customers with shared characteristics. This makes it easier to create tailored marketing messages that resonate with your target audience, as you can speak directly to their needs, preferences, and values. This targeted approach can result in higher engagement and conversion rates, as your marketing efforts are highly relevant to your audience.
  • Less competition: Niche products often have less competition compared to mainstream products, as they cater to a smaller, more specific audience. This can give you a competitive advantage, as you can establish your brand in a less crowded market. With less competition, you have the opportunity to stand out and position your product as a unique solution for your target audience.
  • Passionate and loyal customer base: Niche products often attract a passionate and dedicated customer base who share a common interest or need. This can lead to a loyal customer community that is more likely to repeat purchases, provide feedback, and advocate for your brand. Building a community of loyal customers can result in long-term customer retention and loyalty, which can be invaluable for the success of your online business.
  • Flexibility and customization: Developing a niche product gives you the flexibility to tailor your offering to the specific needs, preferences, and values of your target audience. This customization can result in a more personalized and unique product, which can be a strong selling point for your business. By catering to the specific requirements of your niche audience, you can create a product that truly meets their needs and stands out in the market.

While niching down may seem intimidating to some, it can be a strategic approach to creating a successful online business. By catering to a specific audience with unique products and tailored marketing, you can differentiate your brand, build a loyal customer base, and potentially generate buzz and press coverage. Remember to conduct thorough market research, understand your target audience’s needs, and develop a high-quality product that delivers value to your customers. With the right approach, a niche product can become a profitable online business venture.

7. Create a website for a niche market

Create and sell digital products Creating and selling digital products can be a profitable online business idea for several reasons:

  • High-profit margins: Once you create a digital product, such as an e-book, an online course, or a digital download, you can sell it repeatedly without incurring additional production costs. This can result in high-profit margins as you scale your business, primarily if you sell directly to customers through your own website or through platforms like Etsy or Gumroad.
  • Flexibility and scalability: Digital products can be created and delivered electronically, which means you can sell them 24/7 without any physical limitations. This allows you to scale your business easily and reach customers all around the world. Additionally, you can create multiple digital products to diversify your revenue streams and increase your income potential.
  • Expertise monetization: If you have specialized knowledge or skills in a particular area, creating and selling digital products can be a way to monetize your expertise. You can create educational products like online courses, tutorials, or guides to share your knowledge and provide value to customers.
  • Passive income potential: Once you create and set up your digital product, it can generate passive income as customers purchase it without requiring your ongoing involvement. This can provide you with a steady stream of income while allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business or pursue other interests.
  • Low overhead costs: Compared to physical products, digital products typically have low production and inventory costs. You don’t need to worry about manufacturing, shipping, or storage, which can significantly reduce your overhead costs and increase your profit margins.
  • Marketplace opportunities: There are various online marketplaces, such as Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, Udemy, and Teachable, where you can sell your digital products. These platforms have large customer bases, which can help you reach a wider audience and potentially increase your sales.

With the right skills and expertise, creating and selling digital products can be a lucrative online business idea. By leveraging your knowledge, creating scalable products, and utilizing online marketplaces, you can generate passive income and build a profitable business around digital products.

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