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7 Reasons To Have A Digital Transformation Strategy

Today’s world is wrapped in a digital atmosphere; digital transformation combines database analysis and internet technologies to enhance sales and customer experience. A digital transformation strategy is a need of the hour for every business to surpass its competitors. 

Here are 7 reasons why you should have a strategy in hand to win the market through digital transformation. 

What is a digital transformation strategy?

A strategy companies use to expand and modify their existing business to boost their sales, to make long-term customers, or for personal branding with the help of technology is the digital transformation strategy.

Why should you have a digital transformation strategy?

Digitalization has become the backbone of every business. Having a digital transformation strategy on your table could be the turnout for your company in terms of :

  • Retaining customers interest
  • Saving time, money, and resources
  • Enhancing the employee productivity rate
  • Generating high revenue for the company

During the COVID-19 pandemic, 79% of business owners modified their whole business ecosystem due to poor progress. The pandemic heightened the need for products and services to be available remotely. Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, cloud services, and cross-device networks permit businesses to run from a distance. 

Identifying your business goals:

Identifying goals and a complete roadmap for achieving them is momentous for a company to survive. Despite their investments, many enterprises have failed to see any real benefits from digital transformation. More than utilizing new technology, successful digital transformation depends on altering procedures and culture. A successful digital transformation strategy focuses more on changing procedures and culture than on using new technologies.

1 in 3 companies feels instability while shifting their business model toward digital transformation. You can find your audience and client skillfully if you have a complete digital transformation strategy.

Improving Workforce productivity:

A digital transformation strategy enhances employers’ productivity by determining how to leverage the use of tools and software.

80% of companies recorded rapid growth in their revenue and marketing with the help of digital transformation, and 85% succeeded in raising their share in the market.

Workforce productivity improves by automating mundane tasks which take a lot of time and using software to operate the automated system.

Reducing Costs:

Statistics claim that companies have spent 1.8 trillion U.S Dollars on digital transformation in 2022. There are promising chances to increase this rate to 2.8 trillion U.S Dollars in 2025.

The numbers might be an illusion for SMEs who think digital transformation can be costly. With the right strategy, you can scale your business to grow faster than you think and reduce business costs. 

An efficient digital transformation strategy is the practical way to save costs by using AI tools in hiring and recruiting, easy access to the relevant information, and automating manual tasks.

Transforming Customer Experience:

In the premodern world, it was hard for the business owners to target potential clients to sell their products or didn’t have enough resources to market their services. 

Many companies admitted that by using a digital transformation strategy, their customers’ satisfaction has increased by 46%. And 38% of companies desired to invest in enhancing their customer experience.

Delivering the same thing to everyone no longer works because personalization now plays a significant role in customer experience. Technology allows product customization so you can address the needs of each of your customers. Digital transformation is unavoidable for all businesses to drive customer-centric results.

Keeping insightful data secure

Securing the confidential data of the company forms the core of a successful digital transformation. On top of that, it helps companies access their data regardless of time and place. According to statistical prediction, 60% of companies use cloud technology to protect sensitive data. 

There are multiple tools and software to secure insightful customer data, including Google workspace, Microsoft365, and salesforce.

Tracking key performance indicators:

An important aspect of a digital transformation strategy is determining how to track KPIs. e.g., cost, profit, revenues, customer satisfaction, and employee satisfaction. 

An independent expert in business strategy should collaborate with the software team to create digital transformation impact indicators and achieve the desired results.

96% of the business owners claim that digital transformation strategies helped their business to survive and adapt to the new mode of marketing.

Better collaboration:

Digital transformation is not easy to make. As team building is the foremost requirement for the growth of an individual business, better collaboration is also an effective way to skyrocket your digital transformation progress. Your strategy will define the modes of communication within and between companies undergoing digital transformation. 

Apply Win-Win Situation here to accelerate your growth. The digital world has provided many software and tools to strengthen business connectivity, like Slack, a messaging app that every workplace uses for effective and fast communication.

Moreover, video conferencing software like Zoom and Teams have made it a time and cost-saving procedure for company meetings and collaboration.

Form your digital transformation strategy with DEHA

A digital transformation strategy must align with the organization’s business plan. It’s critical to understand that digital technologies used to support a plan are merely tools. To achieve a corporate objective, the tools must be creatively used. In this regard, you must choose an expert organization to address your challenges and increase your business productivity.

DEHA Vietnam is one of the top companies which helps the IT business to grow by offering multiple services like consultation, design, development, and system maintenance for business. It has helped many companies to restart their stagnant growth with its stunning strategies and experience. Get a free consultation with our professionals today to know how you can create a digital transformation strategy for your business.

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