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All We Know About Odoo – A Powerful Open Source ERP and CRM

Odoo, short for On-Demand Open Object, refers to a sizable collection of business-related software and modules, including CRM, E-commerce, Warehouse, Purchase Management, Accounting Software, Manufacturing management, HRMS, and others. 

In addition to its core modules, Odoo’s app store offers more than 14,000 third-party apps and plugins. Each of them was made specifically to meet the needs of the users. Odoo is currently one of the most popular open-source ERP softwares available.

What is Odoo? 

What is Odoo?

Odoo offers useful business apps that are seamlessly connected and may be merged to create an ERP system. Its Enterprise Edition is offered with SaaS subscription pricing, and the Community Edition is free.

Users can create websites and manage online activities using Odoo, an open-source website builder. It is connected with an e-commerce platform and supports numerous functions for online stores.

The program enables you to manage your inventory, CRM, sales, reporting, and accounting and automates invoicing. Odoo allows you to edit your content from anywhere worldwide and supports 23 different languages. It also integrates Amazon and eBay and offers developers an API.

What Do Odoo Apps for ERP and CRM contain? 

Odoo apps are a complete set of business software that includes, to name a few, sales, CRM, project management, warehouse management, manufacturing, financial management, and human resources. The apps contain the following:

  • CRM, POS, and Sales apps to boost your sales
  • Project, Timesheet, and Helpdesk to integrate your services
  • Inventory, MRP, and Purchase to streamline your operations
  • Website Builder and eCommerce to build stunning websites
  • Invoicing and Accounting to manage your finances
  • Email marketing and Marketing automation to amplify your marketing
  • Studio and odoo.sh for customization and development 

Why Should Your Enterprise Shift To Odoo? 

Open Source

Odoo is built on open-source programming frameworks and languages. You can alter the modules’ or functionalities’ specifications while implementing. The Odoo enterprise version additionally offers Odoo studio. Users can develop no-code applications and add customization to pre-built modules using Odoo studio.

Low Costs

Odoo has inexpensive initial implementation costs and low recurring expenditures. The Community edition of Odoo is free to use The licensing fee of the enterprise edition, which has all of the functionality, is also insignificant as compared to those of the majority of other ERP softwares. 

Odoo has cheap monthly user costs, making it accessible for small and medium-sized organizations.

Integrated Data and Reporting

Odoo offers a unified central database with improved and streamlined company data analytics and reporting. It also reduces data inaccuracies and the resulting losses. By reducing the number of days spent on research and compilation compared to manual report preparation, Odoo significantly simplifies report generation. 


Odoo partners can customize Odoo ERP to the specific requirements of your company. The software is flexible because it can be altered to meet your company’s needs. A partner can provide the features you want even if your unique requirement extends beyond Odoo’s app store.

Odoo encourages the adjustments businesses must make to thrive in today’s fiercely competitive climate. It is a good platform for your organization because of its constant innovation and scalability.

Easy To Use

Odoo’s user interface boasts a simple layout. Choose the recent version, where improvements were made to the user interface, and tests were done with the theme color to make it more aesthetically pleasing. Odoo modules are easy to implement and upgrade, thanks to their user-friendly interface and add-on features. Start with a few fundamental modules, and you can add more to your system as you advance.

How Much Does Odoo Cost?

Odoo ERP Community Version is free and offers instant access without requiring credit card details. Odoo Enterprise edition is available for $20 per user per month (annual billing) or $25 per user per month (monthly billing), and you can add individual apps to meet your specific requirements. The cost of individual apps ranges from $4.00 per month to $24.00 per month. Implementation charges also apply. 

How To Implement Odoo?

There are 3 ways to implement Odoo.

  1. Self-service

You can implement Odoo by yourself by understanding the Odoo implementation methodology through the company’s one-hour Getting Started video. Odoo offers videos for implementing its various apps, including eLearning and Helpdesk. It also provides a 15-day free trial and a video tour of the Odoo software demo. 

  1. Success packs by Odoo

The Success Packs contain a selection of specialized consulting services at a premium price. An Odoo Project Manager will be assigned to you throughout the implementation process to review your requirements and configure your Odoo Apps accordingly. Moreover, the consultant will coach you how to utilize the Odoo Apps and educate you on how to use Odoo’s features and functionality to expand your business.

  1. Implementation with a local partner

This route is recommended for companies having more than 50 users. A local partner will analyze your business and decide what Odoo apps fit it, besides customizing them according to your business needs. 

A successful Odoo ERP implementation requires a careful balancing of evaluation and knowledge. DEHA Vietnam JSC, an IT outsourcing company, is a certified Odoo partner with the capacity and resources to customize Odoo to fit your business processes. We are experts in implementing and integrating Odoo for multiple clients across various sectors.

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