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Best Testing Service Providers In Vietnam For 2023

Due to the rising need for software testing in the global market, the number of software testing service providers has increased in Vietnam. However, searching which testing service providers in Vietnam prioritize quality of service can be hard.

Vietnam’s software testing companies have many years of professional experience in software testing and quality assurance. These businesses illustrate what Vietnam offers the global testing market: budget-friendly pricing, domain specialists, and committed support. In this article, we review top 5 testing service providers in Vietnam and why you should check out their services.

  • DEHA Vietnam JSC – Best Overall Testing Service Provider
  • Shift Asia: Best Customer Service
  • KMS Solutions: Best Automation Testing Service
  • FPT Software: Best Testing Tools
  • MeU Solutions Inc. – Best Clientele Experience

DEHA Vietnam JSC – Best Overall Testing Service Provider

In January 2016, DEHA Vietnam was established to provide digital transformation advisory services and software solutions. The clients belonged to multiple industries, including eCommerce, transport, education, commercial production, finance, and many other types of national and international businesses.

DEHA always looks for innovative ways to improve your business operations and provide its clients with exceptional services and products. It’s strategy is a blend of adaptability, reliability, and product development. They all work together to facilitate the clients in attaining their business goals.

Whether it’s consulting or software testing, App development, Cloud computing, AI/Machine learning, or even NFT Development, the team at DEHA is ready to help you every step of the way. The professionals help you leverage your business by employing a team of experienced industry professionals as their specialists.

Because of its diverse work portfolio, DEHA is a reputable business partner for major businesses in Vietnam and worldwide.

Shift Asia – Best Customer Service

In 2016, Shift Asia established its office in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The move was a crucial SEA base to expand operations and better serve the APAC market. They began with 25 QA experts in the manual testing segment, which has now grown into a fully-fledged office serving global customers.

Shift Asia is very well known for delivering quality software development and quality assurance (QA) services. They incorporate highly qualified software developers from Vietnam with the expertise and methodologies on quality assurance developed by SHIFT, Japan’s most reputed QA provider. 

Shift Asia today has more than 180 workers with different backgrounds and skill sets. Their extensive service offerings include security assessment, automated testing, worldwide inspection, and overseas development. In addition to the quality services they provide, they also have excellent customer service. Besides, they professionals are willing to go the extra mile to fulfill the requirements of their clients. This has earned them a strong reputation among testing service providers in Vietnam.

KMS Solutions – Best Automation Testing Expertise 

KMS Technology is recognized among the leading testing services providers in Vietnam. The company was first set up in 2009. KMS has effectively created and developed its tech firms, such as Grove, Kobiton, Katalon, and QASymphony. They managed to achieve this by launching an internal startup process. 

These businesses are now accomplishing their targets remarkably, especially Kobiton and Katalon, which are incredibly well-known for their top-notch automation testing services. KMS guarantees its clients that it will be able to assist them in establishing release cycles that are fast, dependable, and expandable so that they can produce quality products in a shorter amount of time.

Read this case study to discover how they collaborated with Kibo to drastically cut their testing cycle from more than 120 days to just 12, all thanks to the implementation of automation.

Moreover, KMS Technology provides expert technological solution consulting and has brought modern-day software development technologies to the Asia Pacific market.

FPT Software – Best Testing Tools 

In the world of IT outsourcing and testing service providers in Vietnam, FPT Software is a well-known reputable company. Customers of FPT Software collaborate with a Testing Center of Excellence (TCoE). TCoE employs standardized methods to improve the synchronization between the enterprise environment and IT. It is an efficient control center which raises the QA productivity level.

FPT Software offers a wide variety of quality assurance and software testing services. However, the rollout of automated testing has been the company’s most recent and significant contributor to its success. It earns the confidence of its customers by adopting its testing technologies that are both certified and standardized.

FPT Software has established a staff of 1,700 testers all around the globe. These testers provide their services to more than 200 clientele in various industries.

MeU Solutions Inc. – Best Clientele Experience

Manual Testing, Automation Testing, and Security Testing are the three primary testing services provided by MeU Solutions. Over nearly 13 years in the industry, they have completed more than 100 projects using more than 30 databases of actual machines. They have over 30 professional quality assurance engineers on their testing crew, all of whom are experts in the field of software testing.

MeU Solutions INC has a strong background in testing a wide variety of applications for iOS, web, and Android applications. Over the last few years, the company has successfully provided a number of high-quality apps to a global clientele. 

Choose The Best Testing Service Providers For Your Software

With the remarkable growth of information technology that has taken place over the last few years, software companies in Vietnam have become an attractive choice for businesses that are undergoing digital transformation. These IT companies help organizations save time and money and improve the overall efficiency of their operations. With the help of this article, DEHA Vietnam hopes that you will be able to choose from the best IT firms in Vietnam that are capable of helping you reach your goals.

If you are a small or medium-sized business searching for leading software testing firms in Vietnam, you can contact our experts at DEHA and let us know what we can help you with

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