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Digital Transformation Solutions

Digital Transformation Solutions

Businesses today use many techniques, creative inventions, and technology to improve their revenue. The focus of companies is to understand their customers, build a strong team and perform tasks efficiently. With innovative digital transformation solutions you can implement to revolutionize your business model. 

According to research, nine out of ten businesses rapidly change their business model. It is the need of the hour, given the transformation in the mindset of consumers

FMS – Facilities Management Software

FMS allows organizations to multitask. This is possible with the help of a web-based dashboard. All the repairing and maintenance programs can be managed with its help and save time.

Key benefits of FMS

FMS platform ensures that your business services are creative, and customers can get the maximum benefit out of it. Here is a list of some key advantages.

  • Keeping a proper track of all the assets is extremely important. With its help, repairing and maintenance tasks are much more manageable. 
  • Businesses can save a lot of money by sourcing and contract items. This way, you save the money you otherwise would’ve spent on resources. 
  • You can contact a call center anytime for work-related things. This way, things can go smoother, and customers and contractors will be satisfied with services.

Features Of FMS Digital Transformation Solutions

  • SAAS platform
  • Experienced staff
  • Real-time analysis

WMS – Warehouse management system

Dealing goods in a warehouse are much easier with this platform. It allows organizations to track their consignments as soon as they enter the warehouse until they are delivered to their destinations.

Key benefits of WMS

Warehouses are the backbone of the business. Ensuring that all the material is supplied efficiently is the prime duty of the organizations. With the help of WMS, this process is convenient. 

  • Companies can plan a smoother warehouse design. Through this, they can ensure enough storage space for other items. 
  • It tracks the performance of various laborers. It is done by proper usage of key performance indicators. That way, it’s easy to see workers working according to the standards or lower. 
  • Managers can check the progress of the warehouse and inventory. They can analyze and find ways to progress in the areas they lack.

Features Of WMS Digital Transformation Solutions

  • Tracking of inventory
  • Picks and packaging of items
  • Automatic identification and data capture system

ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning

This software mainly targets the core system of a business, without which operating a business can be much more complex. It includes departments of HR, tracking of inventory, and finances. A single ERP system can manage all of this.  

Key benefits of ERP

ERP has changed a lot over the years. It’s improving day by day and comes with tremendous changes. All of this help increase and manage businesses. 

  • Systems and many programs of the organizations are automated. Companies can efficiently interact with each other, resulting in minimal stress and mistakes in the process. 
  • Through this, different departments can interact with each other. Thus the result of the project comes out to be great. 
  • Another benefit is better communication with vendors, businesses, and areas that can help improve the business. 

Features Of ERP Digital Transformation Solutions

  • Enhances customer service
  • Improves reporting and planning
  • Excellent management of supply chain

CRM – Customer Relationship Management 

There are different departments in an organization, such as sales, marketing, customer support, and many more. All the clients need a different perspective and solution to their problems. With the help of this software, every customer gets an excellent unique experience. 

Key benefits of CRM

This software has plenty of benefits, enabling every customer to get fantastic customer service.

  • It stores crucial data such as numbers, emails, complaints, or clients. That makes organizing data much more effortless. 
  • Teams of different departments can work in harmony with each other. Through which outstanding results can be seen in projects. 
  • The software automated mundane tasks such as analyzing reports, forms, and legal issues. 

Features Of CRM Digital Transformation Solutions

  • Records vital data 
  • Improves customer service
  • Tracks customer responses

Human Resources Management – HRM 

It is an umbrella term for HR services. Mainly this software allows organizations to perform all the internal HR tasks. HR is crucial in managing essential tasks and ensuring everything runs efficiently. 

Key benefits of HRM

  • It reduces additional costs you have to add up due to hiring HR. This cloud-based program manages everything quickly. 
  • It provides a healthy workplace environment. Through this, the employees can learn more about innovations and technologies. 
  • Allows employees to engage with each other on several projects. 

Features Of HRM Digital Transformation Solutions

  • Secures data
  • Better user experience 
  • Advanced technology

Revolutionize your business with DEHA 

At DEHA Vietnam, we encourage companies to make better changes through which they can get maximum benefits in the businesses. Our services ensure that all the problems of businesses are handled smoothly. 

We give excellent and innovative ideas that can bring success to any business. Transform your organization today with DEHA!

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