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FMS and WMS – Should You Choose Existing Solutions Or Customize Your Own?

FMS and WMS - Should you Choose Existing Solutions or Customize Your Own?

FMS (Facility Management Software) and WMS (Warehouse Management Software) are used individually or integrated with a larger ERP strategy (Enterprise Resource Planning) to manage day-to-day business activities such as project management, supply chain operations, and accounting. 

Adopting efficient software solutions to boost employee productivity, reduce business costs, and improve cybersecurity is becoming indispensable as we move towards digital transformation and remote work. 

What is FMS?

The equipment and services that support the operation, security, and sustainability of structures, grounds, infrastructure, and real estate are referred to as facilities management. A facility management system (FMS) is an all-encompassing smart building system that integrates some of the operational management features of the facility with the building technology systems.

Why Choose an FMS? 

  • Efficient space management can reduce costs by up to 30%.
  • Utilizing capital project management software can reduce overall project expenses by up to 45%.
  • Companies with strong employee engagement rates have 59% lower turnover, 17% higher productivity, and 41% lower absenteeism.

Best FMS Software

Corrigo Enterprise

Users of Corrigo, a cloud-based platform for facilities management, can manage the repair and maintenance (R&M) procedure by creating work orders that are subsequently forwarded to service providers. Then, service providers can submit electronic invoices.

Corrigo supports numerous sectors, including retail, hotel, healthcare, commercial, real estate, financial services, and more.. Regional facilities managers can use Corrigo to audit and inspect numerous locations.


  • Customers and the team find it simple to use
  • Extensive reporting features are available to extract data and present it
  • All navigation controls are visible and accessible
  • User-friendly interface


  • Possibly sluggish at times
  • Several clicks and waits
  • Poor search function


Everything in OfficeSpace is made simpler, from desk reservations and staff demands to social distance and space management. The app shows a floor layout of your business that highlights exactly where employees and resources are positioned. Quick taps or clicks open Visual Directory at that place.


  • User-friendly
  • Ease of locating others through interactive maps
  • Advanced reports and analytical documents
  • Reliable and secure
  • Always up-to-date


  • Communication is underdone.
  • The administration of files is a little shaky.
  • Laying out visual components might be difficult.
  • Plans and pricing are unclear.


A computer-aided facility management system for on-site use, faciliCAD is made to work with facilities of all shapes and sizes. It aids facilities in managing assets, personnel, and space.

The faciliCAD package offers tools for managing space, assets, and tools for managing leases and a real estate portfolio. It serves a variety of industries, including government, pharmaceuticals, real estate, and aviation.


  • If the data is in an electronic format, adding it is quick and simple
  • Can create custom reports
  • Affordable and easy-to-use


  • No mobile platform available

What is WMS?

In a fast-paced world where customers need quick services, it is vital to take care of their needs or they will move on to your competitor. Warehouse Management System is a software that enables you to keep a track of your warehousing operations, from dispatching items and tracking them to receiving them back when required. All of this is necessary to provide fast delivery services to your customers.

Why Choose a WMS?

  • Efficient handling of inventory tracking, picking, receiving, and putaway.
  • Reduced labor charges.
  • Real-time data on organization’s inventory.

Best WMS Solutions 

3PL Warehouse Manager 

The 3PL Warehouse Manager provides centralized management for multiple warehouses and customer data. It also provides warehouse management services to 3PL, e-commerce, retail, and manufacturing businesses. It is a cloud-based system founded by a warehouse owner who aimed to reduce the lost inventory and manual errors that can cost thousands in lost revenue. 


  • Data can be accessed and handled from anywhere. 
  • Easy expansion and accurate billing
  • Easy to use


  • Requires training before use.
  • Only useful for small organizations


Based in the US, Softeon is a cloud-based WMS software that provides solutions to supply chain industries. 


  • Can handle complex inventory systems
  • Provides order management and process a high volume of orders
  • Productivity tracking
  • Helpful customer support
  • Reducing operating costs


  • Incompatible with macOS and Linux. 
  • Does not offer billing management service.


Highjump provides customizable warehouse management services, depending upon what the market requires. This WMS software is an intuitive and mobile-optimized software. 


  • The product can be customized based on customer feedback. 
  • Cloud-based
  • Omni-channel support
  • Can be integrated with ERP
  • Can handle multi-client requests


  • Lack of reporting functionality

Which Is Better? Existing WMS And FMS Or Customizing your Own?

As discussed above, existing WMS and FMS solutions provide numerous advantages and help streamline workflow, improve management, reduce costs, and boost productivity. 

But, to optimize this software and use it to its full capacity, it is wiser to build a customized WMS or FMS system that supports the specific needs of your business. 

Benefits Of A Customized FMS And WMS:

  • A centralized system integrates with your existing tools to maximize your business’s benefit. 
  • Your employees will easily understand customized software built to support your specific needs without technical training.  
  • It will contain all the workflow tools your business needs for a quick-to-market solution. 

Build Your Own WMS And FMS With DEHA

With DEHA, you can build your FMS/WMS to fulfill your business needs. Our professionals will build features that adapt to your exact specifications. With your own WMS/FMS, you may integrate innovation within your supply chain to accommodate the future needs of your business. You will have full control over your hosting, deployment and underlying infrastructure. Get in touch now to reduce your costs and boost your efficiency by building your own WMS and FMS softwares.

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