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How Shopify Helps in Overcoming Business Challenges

With the advent of the Covid-19 pandemic, businesses with no online presence have witnessed numerous business challenges leading to heavy revenue losses. Alternatively, the e-commerce industry saw a massive boost in sales, and the growth trend is still accelerating.

As a business owner, you may face cut-throat competition on conventional e-commerce platforms like eBay, Amazon, Walmart, etc. However, unlike others, Shopify helps overcome business challenges smoothly and caters to all your e-commerce needs. 

Whether you want a web store or aim to market your brick-and-mortar stores, Shopify is the one-size-fits-all solution. Want to know how Shopify supports the scalable growth of your business digitally? Continue Reading!

Increase in Online Competition 

Today people are inclined towards online shopping more than ever. According to a survey conducted in 2020 by UNCTAD, online shopping has risen from 6% to 10% for many product categories. And this is one of the significant impacts of Covid-19.

This trend has created new opportunities for new and existing brands but has also resulted in fierce competition. 

During the pandemic, many physical stores shifted their business operations online, thus causing the sudden rise of retailers in e-commerce. Renowned brands already ruling the market globally have also strengthened their online existence on multiple e-commerce platforms.

Undoubtedly, this is a real challenge for smaller businesses or those who have just entered this industry. Customers will prefer brands or businesses that live up to their expectations and offer premium services or products. Companies with little resources and experience have to work hard to catch up and outshine top brands. 

How Shopify Helps To Overcome This Business Challenge

The best strategy to stay ahead of the competition is to offer your customers an excellent online shopping experience. This lets you win their loyalty and increase their customer base speedily. Here comes the role of Shopify in enhancing your online sales.

You need to set up the Shopify store with simple steps without any software installation or the help of external agencies. The interface is user-friendly. Its responsive design allows you to customize your store for any device, whether; iOS or Android. Thus, you do not require individual desktop and mobile sites to target your customers.

Likewise, you can expand customer reach with Shopify by engaging users in community discussions. They get regular updates about your new products, offerings, or discounts through this channel. Plus, you get direct feedback about your products from customers. This allows you to know where your product needs improvement to retain customers.

All these aspects of Shopify help to handle business challenges effectively. 

Change in Customer Expectations

Customer purchasing patterns and preferences have changed drastically after the pandemic, and so have their expectations. Customers want a convenient, speedy, and smart virtual shopping experience, which is one of the most pressing business challenges today.

Customers like platforms that offer easy steps to purchasing instead of complex procedures and unnecessary information filing requirements. Moreover, attractive product displays, relevant product information, and quick search options are other features that attract customers to your store.

Also, to design a viable e-commerce store, you need to connect it to a POS system that provides ship to order and pickup facility. AR technology is also gradually taking over the e-commerce industry. According to a report, 75% of the population around the globe is going to be frequent AR users.

Thus, developing an online store with the newest technology that meets today’s customer expectations takes time and effort.

How Shopify Helps To Overcome This Business Challenge

Shopify helps to tackle this business challenge effortlessly. It enables you to integrate your store with updated functionalities for a superb virtual shopping experience. Shopify App offers over 4400 free and paid apps so users can add various features to their store without custom coding.

Additionally, Shopify Plus and Shopify AR offer mind-blowing digital experiences to shoppers with AR software and 3D product pages. The 3D pictures and videos of your goods help to understand the size and function much better. This also enhances their confidence in the quality and suitability of your product.

Increased Demands For Personalization

After setting up a fully-functional Shopify store, you cannot expect your product’s purchase volume to rise instantly. Here comes the next strategy to grab the customers: personalization. It limits the product choices for consumers, and they enjoy a unique buying experience.

Personalization and branding go hand in hand. You must differentiate your services and products from other players in your category. With a brand name, you get a unique market presence, and customers start recognizing your product with specific features.

As a newbie in the e-commerce field, offering a personalized experience to your online shoppers is a big challenge. You lack experience optimizing product pages, incorporating technologies like AR to display your products, and getting product reviews.

Once you master applying these tactics, you can successfully divert the flow of customers toward your store.

How Shopify Helps To Overcome This Business Challenge

With Shopify, you can turn your e-commerce vision into reality without experience and technical knowledge, unlike other e-commerce platforms. Shopify helps in dealing with this business challenge in the following ways:

  • It recommends products to your customers based on their browsing history. This leads to more sales conversions.
  • It presents reviews given by previous customers, thus building the trust and confidence of the new shoppers in your products.
  • It offers an immersive experience by integrating technologies like 3D images ad AR to give the feel of in-person shopping.
  • With Shopify scripts, you can create discount offers applicable to carts with specific items.

Need For Sustainable and Fast Shipping

Free and fast shipping is one factor that always fascinates online shoppers. According to a survey by Global Web Index, 55% of online shoppers want to place an order if free shipping is available. Also, 29% expect fast delivery of their order.

Moreover, today customers prefer eco-friendly packaging and are even willing to spend more for this feature. Thus, making shipping automated and innovative yet cost-effective is quite a problem for sellers.

Additionally, hurdles in international shipping, tracking delivery, returns and exchange problems, and inventory management are other problematic aspects to ponder.

How Shopify Helps To Overcome This Business Challenge 

Shopify comes to the rescue in these perturbing situations. It aids in streamlining shipping tasks and tracking delivery packages. Shopify helps cater to this business challenge by offering discounted shipping rates. You can also purchase postage and print labels with Shopify.

The Shopify fulfillment network offers excellent shipping services for online sellers. The service is quick and affordable.

Build Your Shopify Store with DEHA 

Shopify is not just a store but is the foundation of your online business. It is a one-stop shop that includes all the necessary tools to transform your business idea into a giant company making profits. 

Shopify helps in resolving business challenges with its unique features. These include interactive design templates, great marketing, and payment processing, a one-click buying feature, conversion-optimized checkouts, etc.

If you want a Shopify store for your business, look nowhere but DEHA Vietnam. We are a reputable company offering exceptional digital solutions to our customers. Our expert professionals have experience developing Shopify stores that can take your business to new heights.

So, don’t wait anymore! Reach us today for a free consultation for all your digital needs.

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