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Industries Using Odoo For ERP Solutions

Odoo, as an ERP solution, is the most popular commercial software in the world. Over 5,000,000 people from different industries use Odoo worldwide, from small businesses with fewer than 10 users to significant corporations with more than 300,000 users. Small and medium-sized enterprises have benefited from Odoo the most so far. With its exceptional software solutions, Odoo is increasingly replacing Excel sheets in commercial operations.

The ERP software from Odoo is advanced enough to handle several complexities in addition to everyday situations. Customers come primarily from sectors like trading and services. It is the solution of choice for small businesses seeking a complete e-commerce solution, including product administration, order fulfillment, invoicing, and purchase. It is significantly more advanced than other options like Magento or WooCommerce.

Many startups likewise utilize Odoo to complete tasks fast on the unified platform instead of switching between several alternative platforms.

Which Industries Use Odoo ERP? 

Odoo has gained a lot of traction with enterprises all around the world. There has been a dramatic increase in both the users and the firms using it. Most businesses that use Odoo are based in the United States and work in the computer software (7%) and information technology (14%) sectors.

A large developer community actively supports Odoo to meet expanding customer needs and offer cutting-edge new solutions. Here are 12 notable sectors that are embracing Odoo:

  • Production
  • Service industry
  • Engineering design
  • Auto merchants
  • Trade businesses
  • Medical care
  • Sector of education
  • Marketing
  • real estate
  • solar panels and natural resource-based energy
  • Equipment and clothing
  • electronic trade

Odoo is the most sought-after ERP solution right now and is trusted by over 7 million customers worldwide, including startups, SMEs, and big corporations. The Odoo ERP team has already created over 30 crore applications, and more are constantly being added. Additionally, all company requirements and processes may now be streamlined thanks to the 16,000+ Odoo modules or applications.

Companies That Use Odoo ERP? 

Most businesses with 1–10 employees and $1–10 million in annual revenue use Odoo. A majority (65%) of the users of Odoo are small businesses ($50M), 9% are large businesses (>$1000M), and 18% are medium-sized businesses.

The following businesses use Odoo Open Source ERP for ERP Financial:

  • Cleanco Cleaning Services and Building Maintenance: It is a United Arab Emirates-based Professional Services organization with 10000 employees and revenues of $1.50 billion. 
  • Rosenbauer Group: It is an Austria-based Manufacturing organization with 4154 employees and revenues of $1.08 billion. 
  • ORES: It is a renowned Utility organization based in Belgium. It has 2000 employees and revenues of $900.0 million, all managed by Odoo ERP financial. 
  • Media Nusantara Citra Group: This group of companies is based in Indonesia and offers Professional Services. The industry has 6432 employees and revenues of $675.6 million
  • Grand City Properties: It is a Germany-based Construction and Real Estate organization with 950 employees and revenues of $636.0 million.

Why Are Industries Using Odoo ERP? 

There are several advantages of Odoo that attract companies. The top 5 reasons why industries are using Odoo ERP include:


Since it is open source, anyone may enhance Odoo by modifying it to suit their business demands, national norms, and governmental regulations.

Easily Accessible

This ERP has hundreds of partners who offer Odoo services, which is a significant accomplishment. Additionally, the software is offered everywhere. Users of Odoo have access to immediate and global support from Odoo partners at all times. Odoo ERP has a user-friendly interface and is simple to use, so you do not also need to hunt for a skilled developer to install it.


You can begin with one module or as many as you like and then expand as needed. Additionally, scalability has no upper bound. Every year, new modules and features are added to Odoo, allowing you to scale your growth successfully.


Odoo features all the essential modules, including manufacturing, sales, customer relationship management (CRM), accounting, and sales, that are required for any business, regardless of size or industry. Odoo is your 1-step solution to all software demands, so you don’t need to use a collection of programs for different processes.


To manage and store information, Odoo maintains a central database. This has laid the groundwork for adequate information sharing across employees, departments, and company managers.

Start Using Odoo In Your Industry Today

DEHA Vietnam JSC is a top-tier Odoo partner which offers services for implementing fully integrated Odoo ERP software. We understand that all business sectors have various needs. Hence we recommend the most pertinent Odoo modules to suit your company’s requirements.

We offer a wide range of Odoo implementation services and cover all critical sectors of the economy, including manufacturing, e-commerce, accounts, and finance. We have implemented plenty of successful projects for our cherished clients worldwide. Get Odoo ERP for your business by registering for a free consultation call immediately!

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