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Must Have Software For Digital Transformation

Digitalization or digital transformation is adopting digital technology to build new or adapt current business operations, environments, and consumer demands in response to shifting market trends. The reconceptualization of business according to needs of today’s age is necessary, and some must-have software for digital transformation make the process convenient.

Digital transformation transcends conventional jobs such as advertising, sales, and customer support. Instead, it starts and finishes with how you perceive and interact with your clients. We have the chance to completely reimagine how we run our businesses and engage with our customers as we move away from paper and toward spreadsheets and intelligent business software.

Important Software For Digital Transformation

Technology enhances collaboration and interaction with clients, completing tasks successfully, and managing company operations. In addition, modern-day technology enables businesses to cater to the continually changing demands of their customers.

Employing the right tools for different forms of work can save you a lot of time and resources. Here is a selection of tools to help you get started

Digital Workplace Suites

About 76% of global companies have already adopted a flexible workplace model. Likely, your firm has too. If so, you require a digital workplace tool.

Digital workplace suites are a must-have software for digital transformation as they provide remote workers an online substitute for traditional office spaces. In addition to performing the functions of physical workplaces, their role extends beyond what a conventional office may provide.

Systems such as eXo Platform facilitate more efficient cross-functional collaboration, guarantee data protection, facilitate seamless organizational learning, and offer creative staff incentive programs.

Document Management Software For Digital Transformation

Any digital transformation process should start with document digitization. Businesses must make the switch from paper documents to paperless offices if they are to become genuine digital workspaces.

The best software for digital transformation is document management or enterprise content management software. These applications maintain a record of all files and documents in one location, making it simple for employees of businesses to locate the information they require at any time.

The features of these tools make it easier to find information and documents, keep track of document versions, and stop documents from getting lost.

You can also store, arrange, and retrieve documents using document management software. Every organization should have a DMS because of the multitude of document-related functionalities it provides.

Communication Tools For Digital Transformation

Any business must have effective communication in order to succeed. Whether it is successful or not, communication impacts daily the output and achievement of your staff and business. Centralized communication tools are essential software needed for digital transformation.

Conventionally, exchange of information occured through emails where information could be lost, edited, or improperly delivered. Digital communication platforms concentrate all crucial information and offer a single source of truth for business interactions.

specialized work groups using platforms like Slack or Microsoft Teams ensure that everyone working on a project or team has access to important information. These applications enable an improved flow of information and greater participation of relevant parties in crucial activities. Everyone on the team may participate by making suggestions, offering criticism, or responding to queries. Engagement is critical in energizing and motivating teams to achieve their objectives.

CRM Tools For Digital Transformation

Customer relationship management (CRM) software manages and organizes client interactions. These communications typically take the shape of emails, calls, online chats, and messages on social media.

CRM systems are an effective management software for digital transformation. You must be able to keep up with the rising standards and sophisticated needs of your customers, which might alter from day to day if you want to remain competitive.

When assessing CRM solutions, ensure they deliver the correct data you require and interact with your other tools. Different solutions may perform better than others depending on whether you want to install on-premise or in the cloud, or the type of information you want to gather.

CRM tools like SuperOffice have several advantages, including assisting businesses in better understanding and meeting client demands, automating processes, cutting down on sales cycles, and improving customer retention.

Project Management Tools For Digital Transformation

A digital PM tool is one of the most fundamental software for digital transformation that all enterprises should implement.

The foundation of any digital transformation is made up of digital project management tools. They serve you in various ways, including team management, report generation, and project tracking.

An efficient project management tool will facilitate task creation and scheduling, deadline adherence, progress monitoring, efficiency and responsiveness enhancement, and overall visibility for teams and managers. Ultimately, it will result in more effective workers, accomplished tasks, and satisfied clients.

The platform you choose will rely on the tools you already have. Some project management platforms also offer marketing and sales tools. If you don’t have a CRM tool at present, consider monday.com or Odoo CRM. These software integrate project management and CRM in one application.


Companies changing their IT infrastructure or going through digital transformation need to know the plan and how to carry it out. Are you unsure where to begin and what options exist? Then get in touch with DEHA Vietnam JSC. Our goal is to help businesses like yours on their digital transformation journey. Check out our solutions.

Whether it’s cloud computing or our application development services, we ultimately help you scale your business in the digital transformation age. This will benefit your customers, your people, and your business. We are happy to assist you every step of the way. Get in touch!

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