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Odoo Tips and Tricks for High Efficiency

For many modern businesses, Odoo is the go-to all-in-one integrated business app suite because of its streamlined flexibility, low cost, and ease of use. Its fully integrated ecosystem of flexible modules allows intuitive interfacing to support your business needs and to help you fully realize your business’s potential. This article reviews the best ways to streamline your experience while saving time and effort with some great Odoo tips and tricks. 

Odoo tools can help you scale the operations of your company in an efficient and easy manner. Some of the most useful and beneficial features are listed below.

Are you looking for all of the last month’s unpaid invoices? How about the number of customers you have served this month? With Odoo, you can directly type into your homepage and search across the database for what you need. E.g., typing “invoice” will allow you to find your invoice list quickly and easily from the drop menu. A neat little add-on is that you can also refine your search by filtering for specific items. All in all, the search bar is very underrated but will guarantee you save time by finding whatever it is you need as quickly as possible.  

Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are one of the things that save users the most time while using any software. Once you learn them, keyboard shortcuts included with Odoo for crucial operations can be utilized to perform tasks such as making and paying invoices in a fraction of the time.

Field Calculator

You can use a little-known but highly effective tool called the field calculator to do calculations within a relevant field in-app, for example, within a sales quote, without the need to bring out a calculator. Enter the mathematical equation into the field and Odoo will automatically solve and display the result for you in the resultant field.

Odoo Marketing Tips And Tricks

Your social marketing must always be on point in today’s social media age. Whether on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, the pressure to perform well across all social media sites is very intense. This is especially true when there is a dispersed team and a lack of fast communication.

This is where Odoo Social Marketing comes in: it allows you to compose posts, schedule them in advance, and publish them automatically. Everyone on the team is then able to reply to comments and messages at the same time. Odoo reduces the workload drastically, making it far more manageable. 

Odoo Communication Tips And Tricks

Effective communication is one of the essential factors in an organization’s success. A McKinsey analysis claims that teams that communicate well among themselves experience an increase of productivity of 20–25%. That’s why you should use any of Odoos 3 different in-house tools for quick and convenient communication.

Odoo SMS

The first, Odoo SMS, could be linked to a variety of other features. It allows workers to communicate with one another as well as their directors. You can effortlessly send messages, jot down notes, and reference certain activities. Or, to put it another way, just about anything you can think of to include in a SMS.

Odoo Inbox

Inbox is one of the most customizable tools in Odoo. It provides an infinite number of choices for seamless communication. One of the most underrated Odoo tips and tricks is setting up multiple channels for team members to present ideas and discuss tasks. Direct communications, file sharing, and voice messages are all alternative options provided. 

Odoo Live-Chat

Inter-business communication is one thing, but what about conversing with customers? Odoo has a widget to implement a live chat feature for customers for this exact reason. This is a very convenient way to speak in real-time with customers and keep them up to date. The widget even offers automatic greetings or “away” messages to provide that extra feeling of surety even if your employees are unavailable for a while. 

Odoo Themes And Templates

Odoo has one of the best ERP interfaces in terms of customizability and user-friendliness. There is a wide variety of customization options available to them in the form of themes and templates. You need simply go to the Odoo App store and browse through a range of themes and templates suitable to your needs for download. Moreover, You can view reports and facts in multiple ways, like graphs or lists, which is great when you need a glance at the crucial points.  

Get More Odoo And Tricks

So there you have it, a specially curated list of the top Odoo tips and tricks. The most effective method for integrating Odoo ERP requires a delicate balance of analysis and expert knowledge. DEHA Vietnam JSC is a certified Odoo partner with the expertise and resources to customize Odoo to your enterprise applications. 

Whether you need us for project-based consultation and development or a more long-term partnership in the form of a dedicated module, we are always ready to meet your business needs. Explore our Odoo development services and get in touch with us right away for a no-cost consultation.

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