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Start Your Digital Transformation With Odoo – Customizable ERP and CRM Solution

Odoo is an open-source integrated business management software that helps small businesses to grow. It allows for customizable processes, provides a complete view of the company, enforces data checks and workflows, and integrates with third-party apps.

Odoo ERP digital transformation is suitable for organizations experiencing growth and fundamental shifts in their industries. With digital transformation, businesses review their business models to become more competitive and maximize ROI on ERP implementation.

Digital transformation involves using technology and software to streamline business processes and generate higher revenue in a competitive digital world. 

Odoo Digital Strategy

Your digital transformation strategy will include several technologies, such as ERP/CRM software, ecommerce, machine learning, IT infrastructure, and the Internet of Things. However, ERP will form the center of your strategy. 

The digital transformation strategy with Odoo will consist of the following:

  • Determining your short-term and long-term business goals
  • Understanding the current organizational structure
  • Identifying the applications your business needs
  • Forecasting the change in system architecture with Odoo ERP
  • Migration to Odoo ERP from conventional legacy Systems
  • Sustainable budgeting for the current and future years 
  • Updating your hardware to support the software changes
  • Replacement of Existing Solutions
  • Activities to manage the change in organizational behavior to support the digital culture.

The Digital Core of Your Business

The digital core refers to the technological platforms and applications that enable organizations to transform into digital businesses and meet the new requirements of the digital economy. 

Odoo ERP integrates a powerful set of applications that allow your company to connect directly with its customers, suppliers, employees, and departments. In addition, the software unifies all aspects of your business operations, resulting in increased efficiency, speed, and customer satisfaction. Interconnected applications ensure your business is centrally organized and all sectors are in sync. 

Modular Transformation For SMEs and Startups

Investing in an all-encompassing ERP is a big step for startups and SMEs. Odoo makes it easier by allowing you to implement ERP without having you buy all applications in one go. Accounting, sales, purchase, inventory, manufacturing, field services, fleet management, documents, data cleaning, and many other modules deal with the company’s various application-specific operations. 

You can start your digital transformation journey with a free Community Edition with limited applications. Then, as you progress, you may shift to the Enterprise Edition and add new Odoo bricks to your interface as your digitization requirements change. 

Odoo organizes each brick according to the typical departments found in a business. Moreover, it provides a module of functions that effectively caters to the company’s application-specific requirements. Because of the flexibility of our platform, you also can add apps and users following your company’s growth, one app at a time as your needs evolve and your customer base grow.

You can start with one module or as many as you want and then scale up as needed. And there are no restrictions on scalability!

Why Odoo ERP?

There are several advantages of Odoo due to which it stands out among other ERPs.

Open Source

Odoo is an open-source ERP supported by the Odoo community. The Odoo community, which includes developers, partners, and consultants, makes the platform better for its customers daily. Besides, the platform regularly updates and releases new versions with the help and contribution of community members.

Room For Advanced Systems

The platform’s integration capabilities enable advanced systems such as IoT and biometric device integration to run the company more efficiently and effectively.

Centralized Communication 

Odoo has a central database for data storage and management. This results in more efficient information exchange between employees, departments, and company managers. You can store documents digitally so your company can go paperless. Also enable the digitized signature option for paperless and quick company operations.

Budget Friendly 

Startups and small businesses can opt for the community edition, which is free to install. Odoo ERP customization is low-cost because investors can choose which modules and features to include. Unlike proprietary ERP tools, you can upgrade Odoo ERP with minimal investment.

Easy to Implement

Odoo’s community edition can be installed by the user or with the assistance of an Odoo Partner. The installation and implementation of the enterprise edition are also simple, as you can get help from an experienced Odoo partner.

After analyzing the business requirements and the current situation, Odoo Partners complete the implementation. The partners also suggest module requirements and customization based on industrial demands. Furthermore, the implementation process ensures that data migration and management are as efficient as possible.

How Can DEHA Push Your Digital Transformation With Odoo?

Odoo is the best ERP to support you in your modular digital transformation because of its modular layout, infinite customization possibilities, affordability, and ease of use. DEHA Vietnam JSC is committed to serving you with our services, including Odoo customization, implementation, integration, support and maintenance, migration, consultancy, and training. Contact us today for any queries about starting your digital transformation with Odoo ERP. 

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