How we differ

Fixed-price = Fixed timeline + Fixed scope

Little management efforts
You can feel free to hand over project management responsibilities to the development team. There’s no need for continuous supervision so you can minimise your participation and focus on other duties
Low financial risk
By choosing Fixed Price, you will know exactly how much you’ll pay. We can't overcharge you without notice
Fixed deadline
Having a final scope and detailed plan, it’s easier for the development team to estimate the timeline for the project and predict how much time they will need

When should you choose Fixed-Price model?

Dedicated development team model is best suited for
Fixed-Price model is best suited for
  • With short-term project requirements (less than 3 months)
  • Want to be less involved in project management tasks
  • Do not have continuous business productivity
  • Planning to opt for the fixed-price model due to budget-constraints (shared resources)

Fixed-Price project set-up process


Project requirements definition

At this point, we define the scope of work. First, we take a look at the present documentation. It can be a general idea set out in a letter or a comprehensive document with all the details


The project cost estimation

Now that we know the requirements, it is time to determine the price. This usually involves defining the expected lifespan and capital requirements, but we sometimes suggest other factors, too. Based on the information we gather, we calculate the project cost preparing an estimate on the design and requirement specification.

Notice that: The price sent to customer is estimated based on difficulties of the attached list of requirements. Upon customer's request, requirements may be changed, thus price will be changed accordingly

Contract preparation

After the project is estimated, we bid a proposal based on those estimates. There may be several other iterations when we adjust the estimate and/or proposal. Eventually, when the middle ground is found, we issue a prepayment invoice and get started


Execution and delivery

So, we start delivering design and engineering product development services. In 2-3 weeks, the client receives the first version of a product. Then, approximately once a week, we release updates to it

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