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Enterprise Service Management has emerged as a highly effective business model for delivering value to customers either directly or through the internal operations of a company.

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Manage work orders, assets, preventative maintenance, and projects with the ability to assign and track all resources and activities in one place. Accessible from any device via a centralized portal means quick access for field techs and end-users.

Human resources

Reduce inbound inquiries and improve employee response times by offering an HR portal with integrated automation. Create a centralized hub of information links and buttons for HR actions – with integrated workflows – to help employees find the answers they need quickly and reduce the drain on HR resources.

Marketing & Creative

Marketers know, the requests never stop. Don’t work harder, work smarter. Manage all projects and inbound requests. See work output, resource allocations, timing, and budgets in a single portfolio view.

Event management

Events are complex – whether virtual or live, there are many moving parts – from the invite process to programming and execution. Manage each activity in a cohesive project plan with team task creation and tracking.

Media management service

From ongoing maintenance and calibration of equipment to requests for usage or location tracking, managing AV assets requires a systematic approach. One portal allows you to take requests, track assets, and even coordinate new projects.

Why do you need Enterprise Service Management today?

Companies implement enterprise service management processes and tools for the same reasons they undertake most strategic initiatives: productivity, efficiency, and quality.

Sustainable value

Tracking incidents as they move through different support teams is difficult and can lead to frustrating experiences for end-users. Help desk software provides a single place for managing the incident from the time it is reported until the issue is resolved.

Decreased cost of delivery

Help desk software can provide more self-service and user-enabled capabilities along with the ability to access support resources from wherever the user happens to be through mobile tools and web-based interfaces. It puts more tools in the user’s hands and reduces the resource burden on help desk staff.

Improved internal business alignment

With actionable intelligence to help your IT Service Management organization manage the evolving challenges of delivering effective service in increasingly complex environments. Provide your teams with a detailed view of your infrastructure and its dependencies with diagnostic data, performance information, and actionable knowledge.

Better informed governance decisions

With increased operational visibility. When it is clear what each function is supposed to be doing and transparency into how service delivery is taking place, it is easier for management to make better-informed decisions and more impactful leadership guidance to the organization.

With the use of technology, there is so much that we can accomplish together.

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Quality first approach

Quality first approach

Quality is our primary goal. We understand that every success always comes from an excellent product. Our quality guarantee certifications such as ISO 900127001CCMI lv3, ISTQB.

Fast delivery

Applying Agile Mindset, we bring you the ability to respond to change quickly, software deployment speed faster than ever.

Fast delivery
 Continuous improvement

Continuous improvement

Continuous improvement is the key that helps businesses thrive. Hence, our knowledge, technology, and quality are improved regularly to meet your business requirements.

Expert team

Our IT team experts are more than like a unity. We build a development team with a shared sense of ownership, knowledge, and high skill sets. We are ready to seamlessly integrate with your industry practices, development approach, and process.

Expert team

Frequently Asked Questions

Enterprise Service Management is defined as the strategy of applying service management principles to departments outside of IT, or throughout an organization. Using a single platform for all service management (including IT Service Management), you can tailor portals for each department; automate routing and workflows; utilize a single information repository; and track and report on outcomes.
ESM-Tools are a software developed with the aim to unify model infrastructure, giving a common framework for downloading, compiling, running and organizing coupled or standalone models.
Enterprise service management is a term used to describe the use of service-oriented processes and tools across and organization (hence the use of “enterprise” as a qualifier in the name). ESM is meant to be a broad term (like ERP, EAM and CRM). This is a contrast to IT Service Management (ITSM) which is only concerned with the management of IT services. While the intended scope of ESM and ITSM are different, they share common roots (usually ITIL) and are often implemented using a common set of concepts, processes and tools within the organization. Many companies leverage ITIL domains and process areas as the foundation for their Enterprise Service Management operations and ITSM platforms to provide technology and information support for ESM processes.
Employee HR support, Finance, Legal, Customer Service, Sales Support Security, Facilities / Building Management, Administrative support
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