Health Care

DEHA empowers healthcare providers with innovative solutions that automate processes, improve treatment outcomes and the patient experience, and reduce costs.

Our Solutions

Our approach for resolving today’s critical challenges combines clinical insights, ahead technologies, and practical experience to design, develop and deploy medical IT solutions.

Medical Operations Optimization

You can improve your clinical and operating systems at any stage of your digital transformation. Built-in artificial intelligence and machine learning will help you automate varied tasks, including adaptive staffing, billing, and healthcare with real-time data access.

Digital Patient Experience

With our technologies, you can digitize the entire process of delivering medicare - with a focus on data and technical infrastructure for the industry. You'll get smart tools to deliver premium quality health support and personalized service.

Improved Medical Imaging And Research

In your work, you will use intelligent image processing techniques, including recognition, analysis, and enhancement of images, for scientific and medical research and treatment without invasive procedures.

Feature-Rich Pharmaceutical Solutions

You will have access to software tailored to the specifics of the pharmaceutical industry with a variety of feature sets and the ability to customize and adapt to your business demands.

Certificates & International Standards

CMMI Level 3 Version 2.0
ISO 9001:2015
ISO 27001:2013

This BIG guys are using DEHA services and they are more than happier ever

Benefits of Partnering with DEHA

Expert Advice

We are a leading digital strategy consultant. We can offer an unique and consultative perspective to your digital transformation strategy in general and software engineering in particular.

Quality-Focused Solutions

We are using cutting-edge technologies and tools in software development process to bring the highest software development quality, for example automation testing, RPA...

Great Talent Pool

Our team has 260+ experienced developers with in-depth skills & knowledge in software building and powerful technologies stacks.


We are strategic partner of big corporations such as Mitsui O.S.K.Line, Marubeni, Mitani, Hino Motor, Vinmec International Hospital...and delivered 1,000+ systems for enterprise.

All-in-One Provider

Our services are comprehensive from consulting, design, development, integration, deployment to system maintenance and much mores.

Agile Mindset

An agile mindset is about creating and responding to change in uncertain and turbulent environments.

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