DEHA Vietnam: "Investment in CodeGym Vietnam is a stepping stone on the way to realize our 10 year vision

DEHA Vietnam: "Investment in CodeGym Vietnam is a stepping stone on the way to realize our 10 year vision

Pixie Nguyen | March 11, 2022

On the afternoon of March 11, 2022, the signing ceremony of investment cooperation agreement between DEHA Vietnam and CodeGym Vietnam was successfully held. This investment contributes to promoting the field of programming training, creating competitive advantages for both sides and is a stepping stone for DEHA Vietnam to realize its 10-year vision.

DEHA Vietnam and the aspiration to reach out

Established in 2016, DEHA Vietnam is a software development company with core business activities including System Integration, Software Services or Product Distribution. Currently DEHA Vietnam has about 250 employees located in 3 branches in Hanoi, Hue and Japan. With outstanding production capacity and the right management strategy, DEHA Vietnam has achieved many remarkable achievements: Top 50 leading IT companies in Vietnam in 2018, Top 10 enterprises having typical 4.0 technology capacity in 2018 voted by Vinasa association, Sao Khue Award in 2019 and 2021, receiving a certificate of merit from the Minister of Information and Communications for contributions to the IT industry in 2021.

After 6 years of development, DEHA Vietnam is entering a transformation phase with strong aspirations to reach out. DEHA Vietnam's vision in the next 10 years is to become a multinational, multi-industry, multi-industry company operating and investing mainly on IT and Edtech with a healthy working environment, participating in the list of 500 largest private enterprises in Vietnam (VNR500) based on the core competency of digital technology.

Investment in CodeGym Vietnam to enter the field of education, as well as contribute to the realization of the 10-year vision

To realize the aforementioned 10-year vision, DEHA Vietnam needs to expand its personnel quickly and strongly in both quantity and professional qualifications. The investment in CodeGym Vietnam is for the purpose of training and building a team of well-trained, skilled and highly specialized personnels.

CodeGym Vietnam is a professional programming training system with many training centers spreading across the country. Since its establishment, CodeGym Vietnam has successfully trained more than 5000 programmers, providing high-quality human resources for the IT market thanks to the effective application of the Coding Bootcamp model. CodeGym Vietnam has proved its training capacity and this is the basis for DEHA Vietnam to choose CodeGym Vietnam as a strategic partner to accompany on the way to conquering the 10-year vision. In addition, having a close relationship with similarities in culture, vision and development orientation is also the reason for investing in CodeGym Vietnam.

DEHA Vietnam hopes that this investment will help DEHA increase our competitive advantage in human resources, enter the training field and be a stepping stone to realize our 10-year vision.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, Mr. Pham Minh Hung, General Director of DEHA Vietnam shared: “DEHA Vietnam hopes that this investment will bring great values ​​to both sides. With DEHA Vietnam's production potential and experience working with many domestic and foreign customers, combined with CodeGym Vietnam's training capacity and ability to grasp market trends, we believe this investment cooperation will create great leverage for the programming training field in Vietnam, promote the common ecosystem and competitive advantages of both sides and contribute to the realization of our 10-year vision.”

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