Realtime Online Auction System

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Since its foundation in 1984, NEW ART EST-OUEST AUCTIONS CO., LTD. (former company name : Est-Ouest Auctions Co., Ltd.) has operated many auctions and played important role as an oldest auction house in Asia.

Especially in the field of Art-Nouveau and Art-Déco, we are acknowledged as an authority worldwide, and more recently we receive high recognition for Post-War & Contemporary Art field. In January 2008, merged with Discovery National Auctions, which had been noted for Japanese Art and Antique to realize one-stop auction house for the customers.


Build an online auction website to allow listing of items for bidding

The auctions shall be running in real-time (more than 60,000 TPS). This means that clients always have current information visible. This is important for short time auctions, where the frequency of bids is relatively high (especially in last 1 minute)

An intuitive graphical user interface is to be offered, that must be accessible through the web without any installation necessary

An auction may consist of several slots, allowing the buyer to split the material desired among several suppliers. This allows to prevent a dependency on a single supplier only, as well as to split delivery

Job done

Realtime biding by using CQRS and event-sourcing technical

The software can be downloaded from the internet without any separate installation being necessary and run on current common hardware and operating systems

Run even with a low-bandwidth Internet connection, such as a phone line

High security standards

Consistency of the auction data is always be ensured

High performance, transaction per seconds (TPS): more than 60,000


Engagement Models
Team size
6 months
Tech stack
PHP, Laravel, Mysql, VueJS, Realtime CQRS + Event Sourcing
Website URL
Appstore/Google Play