SME Warehouse Management Systems Vision 2030

SME Warehouse Management Systems Vision 2030

Executive Summary

The concept of on-demand warehousing is fast emerging to meet the intermittent demands for more storage space. The future warehouse will employ automated capacity through a smart Warehouse Management System (WMS) based on a computerized program to streamline and standardize warehouse operations. Logistics supervisors and other essential workers may save both time and money by implementing predictive maintenance on their WMS. Predictive robotics called Cobots allows them to move about the warehouse easily while drones collect data about products, locations, and more by scanning barcodes on panels. The current decade would see WMS supporting real-time inventory management shifting attention to delivering timely and reliable data. Multiple warehouse activities can be managed from a single location, and inventory can be tracked in real-time. Smart warehouse solutions integrate RFID and telematics software to overcome such difficulties. Smart warehousing cuts down on both fulfillment and labor expenses, while order accuracy is enhanced by the use of automated guided vehicles (AGVs), inventory scanning systems, and automated order processing.

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