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    Proudly a leading digital strategy
    consulting enterprise in Vietnam

    DEHA Vietnam's services in Digital Transformation Consulting and Implementation assist clients in pinpointing the differences between their present position and their desired one, and then utilize Digital Technologies solutions to bridge these disparities.
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    Trustworthy Tech Partner

    DEHA Vietnam is a tech-focused company boasting a skilled team of professionals with deep expertise. Leveraging our robust technological capabilities, collaborative mindset and unwavering enthusiasm, we pledge to support your business and working closely together to achieve extraordinary milestones.
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    Agile & Efficient
    Software Development

    With numerous years of experience in consulting and software development for both domestic and international enterprises, DEHA Vietnam is confident in delivering the most effective and trustworthy software solutions to its customers and users. Our software development processes adhere to global standards (CMMI 2.0 Level 3, ISO 9001:2015, ISO/IEC 27001:2015), Which ensures that our software products consistently maintain superior quality, security, and integrity while simultaneously optimizing both development time and costs.
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    Experienced IT experts

    Benefiting from a seasoned team of technology professionals with a wealth of experience in the tech sector, DEHA Vietnam has successfully implemented numerous digital transformation software and applications across diverse industries. Additionally, we have established strong partnerships with esteemed IT training institutions such as Codegym, Nix Education, and Agile Academy, ensuring that we have access to abundant top-tier IT human resources capable of meeting all customer demands effectively.

Who are we?

We are proud to be part of
your Digital Transformation Journey

DEHA Vietnam is a dedicated consulting enterprise that focuses on executing Digital Transformation strategies for businesses across various sectors, including Manufacturing, Retail, E-commerce, Finance, Internet Services, Transportation, and Construction. With a team of seasoned experts and a strong capacity to deliver top-notch technology solutions in a range of domains, we are here to enhance your business operations during the Digital Transformation era.

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We offer comprehensive solutions including consulting, design, research and development, programming, integration, deployment, and ongoing system maintenance for businesses.

Software Development

Software Development

Software development involves the design, creation, and maintenance of tailored software solutions to address specific organizational needs, improve processes, and support business goals, using programming and technology to enhance efficiency and competitiveness in the corporate world.

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Providing Infomation Technology Engineer

Providing Infomation Technology Engineer

We allocate experienced IT personnel to meet the short-term or immediate IT needs of businesses, ensuring flexibility and scalability in adapting to changing technology requirements without the commitment of permanent hires and addressing tasks such as software development, system maintenance, or technical support on an as-needed basis.

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Technology Partner

Technology Partner

A technology partner for businesses is an external organization or entity that collaborates with a company to provide specialized technology-related services, expertise, or solutions, assisting in the planning, implementation, and management of technology initiatives to enhance productivity, innovation, and competitiveness.

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Digital Transformation Consulting

Digital Transformation Consulting

The implementation of digital transformation in businesses and organizations involves the shift from traditional models to digital enterprises. This transition leverages new technologies such as big data, the Internet of Things (IoT), and cloud computing to reshape operational practices, leadership, workflow processes, and company culture.

Why choose us?

3 reasons why you should work with us

With our exceptional capabilities in the technology sector, we have a steadfast belief in our ability to work alongside clients and generate values beyond their expectations.


International standards

DEHA Vietnam takes pride in our product and service quality, attaining numerous international certifications such as CMMI 2.0 Level 3, ISO 9001-2015, and ISO/IEC 27001-2015. Through our expert management procedures, we guarantee both quality and security throughout every phase of the software development process.


Flexible Contract

When working with DEHA Vietnam, you have the flexibility to readily adjust the project’s scope, incorporate, or replace features without being constrained by specific requirements.


Competitive Cost

We utilize the most up-to-date platforms and technologies, coupled with streamlined workflows, to drive cost optimization and ongoing performance enhancement.

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Our clients' impressions of our services

The staff is very dedicated, enthusiastic and cooperative in a positive way, providing a great experience.
Mr. Milind Kulkarni
Samartha, Australia
Their staff is characterized by professionalism, transparency, and dedication, featuring individuals with exceptional skills that we rely on to maintain service quality. More importantly, they provide values that surpasses our expectations relative to the cost.
Mr. Tony Chen
INFT Singapore Pte. Ltd
A wonderful experience! From the support and communication to the quality of development, everything is amazing.
Mr. Hoi Chong
W30cean, Singapore
They possess high-level development skills at a low cost.
Mr. Kyohei OTA
KYOWA Engineering Laboratory, Inc

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