Recently, DEHA Vietnam successfully concluded its Summer 2023 training initiative as part of its collaborative effort with the University of Commerce. The University of Commerce’s Summer Session 2023 aimed to enhance the quality of education, providing students with more opportunities to gain real-world exposure between June and September 2023. Notably, the Faculty of Information Systems Economics and E-commerce at the University of Commerce introduced specialized training programs and career guidance sessions in the Management Information Systems field, featuring modules taught by renowned businesses.

Throughout the summer term spanning from June to September 2023, students benefited from a diverse array of classes conducted by experts from DEHA Vietnam Joint Stock Company. This immersive experience allowed students to acquire valuable knowledge, and upon completion of these courses, they received certificates, further enhancing their personal profiles.

Looking ahead to the 2024-2025 academic year, DEHA Vietnam and the University of Commerce will continue their collaboration in the Faculty of Information Systems Economics and E-commerce. This marks the third consecutive year of their partnership, which began in September 2021.

Moreover, commencing in September, DEHA Vietnam initiated a collaboration with Vietnam-Japan University to deliver modules focused on Science and Engineering projects for full-time university students. This program will run until December, the last semester of the 2023-2024 school year.

DEHA Vietnam is optimistic that through these partnerships with educational institutions, training programs will continue to evolve, aligning with the evolving demands of society during the digital transformation and throughout the Industry 4.0 era.